A piece of crap "news" program that is overly Republican. Only stupid people watch it.
Glenn Beck "Thank you for watching Glenn Beck on Fox News. A report says Barack Obama is not born in this country."
by IAmNotSashaFierce March 11, 2010
The sub rosa propaganda wing of the Republican party and the Bush administration. Made up of no good, low life, lying, rotton, four flushing, sons of bitches who specialized in talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time.
Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are the loudest windbags on the network.
by jesster79 January 24, 2005
A Disgrace to all mankind.
My three year old sat on a balloon. I saw on Fox that there had been a huge gas explosion in our area. People died.
by jeez December 26, 2003
A news channel for Republicans to get a hard on.
Fox News: We Report, Bill OReilly Decides.
by AcneBrain September 13, 2004
Verb. The act (specifically done in debate) of taking someones words and twisting them into something both totally unrelated and utterly offensive in an attempt to detract attention from how wrong the fox newser may be. Comparable to a red herring, Fox Newsing is different in that it usually makes even less sense than a typical red herring. Typically used as a last resort in a disagreement, fow newsing too often can also lead to a warped sense of reality, wherein the fox newser see's the world however they see fit, or, more commonly however any number of pundits tells them they should.
a. "I think it is wrong that children in third world countries starve to death by the thousands, while children in America are obese."
b. "Oh, so you're a communist then. Fascism doesnt work, alright? Not everything hates America!"
a. "That's not at all what I said, in the slightest. Don't fox news me."
b. "Shut up!"
by Hellotharye April 10, 2011
An unfair source of crap that claims all other stations are liberal just because they actually tell the truth, and appartently, the truth is liberal. Faux News is to journalism as George Bush is to sober.
Person 1: Hey did you watch Fox News last night?

Person 2: No, I didn't, I think for myself.
by Outfoxed September 20, 2004
the voice of evil. Right wing propagandist, george bush mind slaves, pure evil
fox news needs to die
by jesus September 14, 2004
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