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One of the two bitches of the dynamic Foutch/Dee-Dee Duo. Foutch is considered the "female" of this all-girl couple. Dee-Dee, while one hot piece of ass, cannot compete with the pure, sweet loveliness that is known as Foutch.

Foutch can be recognized by her blast-from-the-past outfits and "Bob" haircut.

She can also be seen using her patented "Foutchie" move. This includes waving her index finger in the air while pursing her lips and shaking her head. The sound she makes during her move is a sort-of a negative "mm-mm" sound.

Dee Dee has also often been seen and heard using this same motion.
Maan, have you seen how Foutch and Dee-Dee are always attached at the hip?

Yeah, I've also seen how they are attached in other places too!
by GMoneyGrill March 04, 2008
The most coolest,epic name and is often mispronounced by idiots. Its a name thats hard to come across. German roots. Commonly related to drinkers.
Did you see Candace; shes a total Foutch
by F93ouch February 18, 2010
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