The finger, the bird
After I cut a guy off in traffic he gave me the fourth wave.
by Johnnie B. Goode December 07, 2003
Top Definition
Fourth revival of ska music (the original being in jamaica in the late '60s, second wave or two-tone surfaced in the late '70s, and third wave hit in the late '80s and early '90s).

Many claim that the fourth wave is imminent, ready to appear anytime between now and the early 2010s.

Others claim the 4th wave is already here, heralded by Tomas Kalnoky's band Streetlight Manifesto and side project Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. (There is a streetlight manifesto song titled "riding the fourth wave")
While some people are excited about the fourth wave of ska, others worry that ska is too diluted and growing farther from its roots.
by Rude girls have more fun November 12, 2007
A term many ska fans debate about. Some insist that Christian Ska is fourth wave, though musically it is still third wave. Other think fourth wave is heavier, though ska of that type is called Skacore. Most believe fourth wave is being lead by Thomas Kalnoky's Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. It is a fuller band, similar to Big Band music, though with a more folk-y Eastern European sound. Similar to Gypsy music.
Fourth Wave includes a larger horn section and string section.
BotAR is fourth wave, the next ska wave.
by Max Cimelli October 03, 2007
The Fourth Wave of Ska comes after Third Wave, Two-Tone and first wave ska. Sometimes called Skash for ska and thrash, but isn't necessarily thrash. This type of ska is defined by bands like Streetlight Manifesto and Big D & The Kid's Table. Difficult to describe, it's like ska/punk/thrash/dub/metal.
Streetlight's 'Riding the Fourth Wave' doesn't sound all that fourth wave.

Still cool anywho.
by Crash Fistfight November 26, 2006
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