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A bong hit so potent, so fierce that it trancends space and time, making you instantly stoned.
(Cough, cough) That was quite the Fourth Dimensional Bong Hit. (Slam, falls to the floor)
by MC BallSac March 02, 2006
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A Fourth Dimensional Bong Hit is just like every other bong hit, with the difference being as follows:- <A> you haven't slept in 4 days, <B> someone has packed it with hash crumbs or oil without your knowledge, <C> you only smoke spliffs and you've been peer pressured into having a hit from a bong, <D> You've only just been able to get some green, but have had to go without for a long time (if you're a daily smoker).
Generally it is marked by a vivid blue exhale that lasts several breaths, and many coughs and splutters. Probably the cause of the term "Young Lung".
" one time I had this Fourth Dimensional Bong Hit and coughed so hard that my room mates found me face down in a pool of my own vommit... Luckily I didn't spill the bong water though..."
by Running With Scissors March 13, 2006
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