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A term used when you are in a bad mood and then an obvious overlooked point is brought to your attention, that changes what you thought was a bad situation, into something extremely positive.
You- "My girfriend dumped me..."

Friend-"Cheer up! We live an hour away from Panama City, and next week is the offical start of spring break. Drunk college girls everywhere!!!"

You- "Fourche!!!!"
by Some Guy In Your Mind January 19, 2010
A rather ubiquitous word that can function as nearly any part of speech (with the exception of antecedent in a prepositional phrase). The origin of the word seems to lie with the nighttime vision of a particular Russian bass, in which her heard the word four times. Furthur speculation resulted in the determination that three others had been complicit in the vision process - the order of the four in the beds in the hotel room precipitated a group vision in which each said a successive number (i.e. "one", "two", "three"), ending with the Russian bass who mysteriously uttered the ubiquitous word. Furthur ruminations would hold that the vision may have been pre-precipitated by the said bass riding down Rte. 101 in a Porsche, but was discarded due to the differential spelling. The true meaning of the word has yet to be fully realized - but all hope for a new insight daily.
"The fourche-eyed Christine..."
"One, two, three, fourche, fourche, fourche, fourche..."
"Extremely menacing vibrations..."
by Russian Bass March 22, 2008
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