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The act of completing a piss, dump, puke, and cumshot in a public or non-public location.
Guy 1: Some guy just pulled off a four point play in the bathroom of the airplane.

Guy 2: He definitely just joined the mile high club.
by Commish88 December 18, 2010
7 3
girl lays down on her back one guy is getting jacked off by her feet the next guy is tity-fucking her, next guy has it in her mouth, and the last guy is getting a handjob.
Other guy: Hey bo vice whatd you do last night?
Bo Vice: I totally scored a four-point play
Other guy: oh in basketball?
Bo Vice:no, me and these 3 other guys pulled a four-point play on this chick.
by vintagegray October 20, 2009
2 2