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Term used primarily in the hip hop community to describe the Desert Eagle .50 cal handgun. Fully loaded, the Desert Eagle weighs approximately 4 pounds. This term is often wrongly used to describe a wide range of 9mm or .45 cal handguns which weigh much less than 4 pounds relatively. For instance, a fully loaded Glock 17 weighs 31.91 oz, just under 2 pounds.
"...guzzlin beers, we all stare at the outta-towners, they better break north before we get the four pounders, and take their face-off..." -Nas
by Scrappy McTissue February 04, 2009
a .45 cal gun
cap u wit a four pound
by b August 06, 2003
The term "four pound" refers to a .45 caliber handgun literally meaning four plus a pound.

i.e. four---->(4) pound---->plus a pound(4+1=5) = 45

Desert Eagle .50cal??? Are you kidding me? NO! It means a .45.
Fuck a 9 or .40cal you need a four pound if you wanna really put a hole in a mother fucker.
by I_Go_Full_Retard January 20, 2012
most any firearm , It takes four pounds of pressure to pull most triggers
yo, grab your vest and the four pound
by CAPS360 November 01, 2007
It's what happens when you get raped by a dirty hooker and you get a rash on your nipples or balls.
billy: dude i walked home from tommy's last night and this skank ran out of the alley and raped my genitals.

tony: its all good billy, i had a four pound last week and my balls are smooth as eggs.
by bennypotsmoker March 05, 2007
a nine millimeter, they all weigh about four pounds.
"I held the four pound steel in my hands thinking about what i had done"
by brad April 07, 2005