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5 definitions by bennypotsmoker

A slut bang session is the couple of days spent at a hoe's house for the purpose of getting booty. You can usually get many sessions from one slut because they like to fuck just like you. It's a good time to practice technique for a future dimepiece. Always use protection.
Derty: I'm fittin to stay over monica's for a couple days.
Harry: What you gonna do that for?
Derty: Shit mayne, break that bitch off.
Harry: A lil SlutBangSession to the guts?
Derty: Fa Sho stay strapped cause that bitch is a hoe.
Harry: Tell that bitch I said suck my dick.
by bennypotsmoker August 29, 2007
It's when you pop some exlax and squirt shit on to a chic's genital warts, virtually clearing them up.
toby: dude that fuckin hoe shirley had a gang of blisters so i hooked up a washington wart wash.

bobby: shirley's twat stinks
by bennypotsmoker March 24, 2007
A myth in southwestern ohio of July 30,2006.People in the area reported seeing naked aliens frying on acid.The story goes about a 20-year old girl who got abducted,anal probed,and gang banged by aliens.She was forced against her will to learn to suck dick.Her teacher was Sanjaya Malakar.
Murph: I seen american idol on tv last night.
Ed: Me too, sanjaya malakar was suckin ryan seacrest dick.
Murph: Have you heard of the ohio crack snack?
Ed: Yeah sanjaya is a flaming faggot.
by bennypotsmoker April 05, 2007
Getting your dick sucked by a midget with down syndrome while drinking a forty and getting a rim job from an old asian prostitute.
dude 1 :yo nigga word up chillin wit vic last nite, went home hooked up a snack pack wit jane and kim ju.

dude 2 : you dumbass cracker that lil down syndrome hoe jane gave dat nigga carl herpes.
by bennypotsmoker March 05, 2007
It's what happens when you get raped by a dirty hooker and you get a rash on your nipples or balls.
billy: dude i walked home from tommy's last night and this skank ran out of the alley and raped my genitals.

tony: its all good billy, i had a four pound last week and my balls are smooth as eggs.
by bennypotsmoker March 05, 2007