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Four Poster Bed

A bed with four vertical columns, one in each corner.
The columns support a tester, which usually holds up a set of curtains, however, in this day and age of double glazing and other insulation methods, the curtains aren't needed.
A four poster bed is very similar to a canopy bed.

Buying a four poster bed for your bedroom is the first step in transforming your room into a Palace of Love.
In which your new four poster will be used primarily for the art of making love, preferably to a gorgeous Indian chick, but that part doesn't matter.
And is dependant on whether you are a male or female reading this, whatever floats your boat.
C: Within my new Indian girlfriend's Palace of Love was a magnificent four poster bed, lined with the softest most sensual luxurious silks, coloured in a sexy deep red.
D: Sweet Raptor Jesus just the sound of the bed is making me horny...
C: We proceeded to make sweet love on it, she pretty much emptied my balls of all their love juice. After we cuddled and she whispered sweet nothings possibly in Hindi until I fell asleep.
When I woke up I was sticky and naked
D: I think you missed something fun.
by rzhhhh August 26, 2009
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