The Four Banger is a booster pedal for electric guitar. The pedal contains four different booster circuits that each have their own separate boost volume knobs and their own on/off switch; this enables more than one boost to be used simultaneously. The different boosters are as follows: a Germanium Treble boost in the style of the classic Rangemaster, a super-clean Opamp boost (original design), a MOSFET boost (in the style of a certain popular boost with gain control that crackles), and a JFET mu-amp boost based on the popular DIY MiniBooster designed by Jack Orman. They are stacked in series, which enables different combinations of overdrive and fuzz.
I absolutely ripped @$$ last night at that gig, especially when I plugged in my trusty old four banger.
by My sexy marbles September 07, 2009
Top Definition
A ride with a four cylinder engine, with little or no real power. Typically used as an insult.
Yeah his car looks hot but its only a Four Banger.
by TheManofKen July 05, 2004
A 4 cylinder car engine, because it bangs 4. Usually gets good gas mileage but lacks speed and pick-up
I can beat you in a race dude!
No you can't, your cavalier is only a four banger
by colbster February 28, 2013
A calculator that supports only, or only a few more functions than, the four basic math operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
The Burroughs Model C3660 was a popular four banger calculator.
by Mike Blaszczak August 15, 2006
When a woman is fingered with two fingers in the ass and two fingers in the pussy.
That dirty ho got a four banger from my homie!
by MuckyMouth January 26, 2008
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