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Fan Of The Helmet: A lady who enjoys the pleasures derived from the male helmet. Also known as a slut, slag or common whore. First known use is at Lime Green, Salisbury.
I tell you what Dave, I met this girl last night who was a real Foth. She wanted it from every angle......
by Paul Grossenschlong December 01, 2007
Falling Off The Handle
That joke had me FOTH "falling off the handle"
by Sir-Vaughan May 18, 2011
Goth posers, who claim to be goth but really aren't in any sense of the word. They usually strive for any form of attention possible, usually in the form of people thinking they're "weird". However, the people that realize the truth about these foths and that they aren't the goths they believe themselves to be, know that they're only posers who spend way too much time talking of their love for hot topic, metal bands, and their latest attempt at rebellion, which we all know is just a cry for attention.

foth#2:I know dude! We're sooo goth, oh my god! Those normal kids just don't understand.

foth#1:I know, like today when I yelled at my teacher because she told me I had to do work. Who the fuck does she think she is?

foth#2:Like your mom or something. I'm glad she's not though, or mine. I can't stand my parents. They totally tried to make my babysit last night. WTF??
by Philipe May 27, 2006
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