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Divined from the Live journal of one teen-angst ridden college gentleman named Forrest (Forrest, from the Latin forestus meaning "group of dense trees")

(1) To write in an outwardly narcissistic or over-idealistic fashion by emphasizing not only your physical and scholastic aptitudes, but also your heightened emotional intelligence
(2) To infuse all of your live journal entries with overly-cheesy and trite pseudo-romanticisms in order to entice women
(3) To take pictures of irrelevant or household objects in order to appear deep and spiritually charged
(4) To squander nearly a quarter of a million dollars for an undergraduate education at a prestigious university only to yield a self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual whose only hope for a career in writing will involve a lot of luck and Hallmark Cards
"Today Mark sent me these weird ass pictures of nothing but a strangled duck and a styrofoam cup"

"Woah. He definitely pulled a Forrest."
by Lady Godiva April 20, 2004
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