Makes great cars in Europe, should try to bring more models to the US/Canada market from accross the ocean. The Focus is a start.
The Mondeo would be a good replacement for the Taurus.
by Jon May 22, 2003
Fucking Obsolete Road Device.
Ford sucks! No, Chevy sucks! No Ford sucks! No, Chevy sucks! -- Stop your arguing you stupid little brats, THEY BOTH SUCK!
by GM_Is_Going_Broke May 03, 2005
An asshole anti semite who hates jews.
by the voice of reason May 23, 2003
One of the best American automakers on Earth, neck-and-neck with General Motors.
Ford ALWAYS scores #1 with their Ford Taurus, Ford Mustang, Ford F-Series, et cetera!
by Cummy worm November 15, 2010
Quite possibly the stupidest corporation in the country. Their company is dying right in front of them and what do they do?


see: Ford Expedition EL

For future reference, Ford stock (NYSE: F) is at $8.00 per share at the time of this definition.
Ford sucks, buy a Chevy.
by kevin21boston November 02, 2006
Ford is the shits............
by chris November 06, 2004
man all you idiots are so stupid ford's arent as bad as you all make them out to be. what a clee-shay
fucking morons
by noneedforaname February 01, 2004
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