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When a couple gets married because the girl is pregnant.
Person 1: "Jimmy and Suzy are getting married eh"
Person 2: "Really? They've only been dating 3 months."
Person 1: "Yeah, must be the good ole force play"
by Skinny... February 13, 2014
Much like Foreplay where a man or woman performs a sexual act on his or her sexual partner. But when the dominant partner is forcing the passive partner to take part.

Much like Rape but where the assaulter is putting the victims needs first.
My boyfriend gave me foreplay last night, but it was more like Forceplay!" "I suppose at least he's a considerate rapist!
by WeeWeeWalker July 06, 2011
Engaging in foreplay (first, second, or third base) without consent.
I was at a bar and that douche, Josh, totally engaged in forceplay with me.
by Weapons of Mass Seduction March 11, 2009
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