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A white person that drinks excessively, talks in an annoying Redneck accents, worships Jesus Christ, and says phrases like "Sweet Baby Jesus" or "That bitch is uglier than a jack rabbit being pushed out of the back end of a mule".

The word can also be used with the prefix "Shweeeeny" to provide even greater Insult. Shweeeeny Foonbag is one of the worst things that you can call a Caucasian male.

When using Foonbag in a Plural form, you must end it with a z (e.g. Foonbagz), or else it is not as derogatory.
Billy: You're a fucking Foonbag!
Jim: Well... you're a Shweeeeny Foonbag!!!
Billy: Oh no girlfriend! You did not just go there!
Billy: This room is full of Shweeeeny Foonbagz!
Laura: You're so mean Billy!
by Thomas Wilkes October 15, 2007
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