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noun -

1. idle chit-chat
2. verbal guff with little point or purpose
3. talking style of idiots
Tom: Hey how you doing?
Geraint: I'm well, you?
Tom: Not bad.
Geraint: So what you up to nowadays?
Tom: Oh, you know, this and that, you?
Geraint: Yeah just keeping busy.
Tom: Listen, take care mate, see you around.
Geraint: Yeah we need to have a beer soon.
Tom: Definitely.
Geraint: OK, see you later mate.
(Geraint leaves)
(Jared arrives)
Jared: Wassup?
Tom: Nothing, just some fooltalk with that guy.
(points to Geraint)
Jared: Who, what's his name?
Tom: I don't know really, I don't think I've met him before.
Jared: Nice.
by Gary Vert May 20, 2009
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