(N.) to be a person that is a fool (idiot) and simultaneously a hot mess.

The word was created by Lauren C., of Pennsylvania, in 2007.
"Ugh, Gabby is such a fooligan, sometimes I just want to pants her and show the world what a fooligan she is."
by The Bigger Fooligan Tree November 17, 2011
Fool + hooligan = fooligan. That pretty much explains it.
The kid was so drunk, he was dancin' like a fooligan!
by Tyler August 24, 2004
Bejesus, that guy's a fooligan! He smashed a fence up then wrote his name and address on it!
by DarbySniper May 24, 2006
an el gringo or a super fool
RUN! a fooligan/el gringo is chasing us!!
by yourgay November 22, 2004
a child/ young teen who spends his time buying clothes worn in the 80's and going to football matches looking for fights and then backing out when the fight comes.
'Bought myself a Sergio tachini tracksuit top!'
'Oh piss off you divvy fooligan'
by Makaveli112233445566778899 April 14, 2015

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