another word for fuck. it can be used extensively in public places and around any authority personnel because they have yet to catch on to its true meaning.
What the foodle?! Foodle this.
by caitlincaitlin July 05, 2006
Top Definition
A mixed-breed dog (Fox Terrier and Poodle).
My dog is a Foodle because its mother was a poodle and its father was a fox terrier.
by Foodles April 14, 2006
Weapons of mass destruction
Guy 1: So did george bush ever find those foodles
Guy 2: Uhmm what are foodles?
Guy 1: WMDs
Guy 2: That name is very misleading
When you want to use a word other than boring or fuck
Man, this is foodle up!
by Dangjer July 19, 2011
Noun. A white Plymouth 1994 Gold Edition Acclaim

Verb. Foodle. To drive or be carried By The white Plymouth 1994 Gold Edition Acclaim.
Noun. OMG foodles is pissing on an old man!

Verb. Lets go foodle to the mall and buy some chips for foodles.
by d0minic July 24, 2006
plain and simple, it is a modification of our well-known source of life, "food."
I need a foodles break.
by redlssgurl February 24, 2004
Noun: An intimate food experience.

Verb: To eat and cuddle.

Verb: To eat food off some body playfully.

Noun: Food used as a marital aide.

Verb: The act of using food as a marital aide.

- Bart Simpson did in fact refer to his cartoon sex organ a "tump" - toon+bump
as his "doodle".
A cucumber, banana, daikon, eggplant, etc used as a phallus is a foodle.
Sorry Marge, we can't get into scrabble tonite; we are going to stay in, watch _Eat Pray Love_, and foodle.

Hey Hunny Bunny, I got a can of whip-cream, wanna foodle?

OMG she had a HUGE foodle under her pillow.
by IAM KNOT WHOIAM April 12, 2011

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