An term used often as Internet slang or in use as an 'Away Message' that reveals the act of someone away from their computer, the act of which is the process of finding, preparing, and consuming food.

Also see Fooding.
John: "Hey, what's goin' on?"
AutoReply Jake: "Fooding."
by ukilledthecat July 13, 2005
Top Definition
A process which includes, but not limited to, any of these actions:
1. Finding something to eat.
2. Finding a place to eat.
3. Picking something to eat.
4. Picking a place to eat.
5. Preparing food
6. Ordering food.
7. Waiting for food
8. Eating the food
9. Cleaning up
10. Leaving the place

It could be a combination of any of the above.
Mitch: I am hungry
Greg: Want to go fooding?
Greg: I am hungry. Time for fooding!
by Aleosha April 30, 2005
The act to eat food.
Zak was hungry and went fooding.

Elizabeth is fooding at Macdonald's with her boyfriend.
by Zak Fetzner May 24, 2008
Yummsy brown kibbles, eaten at two Smitty gulps per second.
Syn: din-din
"Let's fooding."
by POISON DART July 25, 2008
The action or cost of eating.
The dormitories at the particular college on average cost approximately 900 dollars per month, not including the cost of fooding.

That's right Michael. Suck on that.
by Suck it Michael January 28, 2011
eating food or grab a snack
me and joe are gonna go fooding.
by Jack September 21, 2003
V. To eat or to prepare food.
Similar to feeding
ie: Im gonna go get some fooding
1e: Ill call you back, Im fooding right now.
by AfroThunder June 13, 2003
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