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A female that dates, establishes and maintains relationships with a sole purpose to eat, and get food at someone elses expense.
"Girl, I got 3 dates lined up today, First Im going to Ihop with dude for breakfast, then that other dude I met is taking me to Chipolte for lunch, then for dinner I got ol boy taking me to Cheesecake Factory, and you know im getting dessert too! I'm trying to bring home a doggy bag so I can have leftovers for tomorrow!


"Food Digger whats my muhfukin name? Food Digger!"
by mrtripstar February 06, 2013
A person who dates someone for the purpose to aquire food.
- That girl is such a gold digger, she's in it for the money.
- You mad, bro? She's clearly a food digger instead, have you seen her fridge? It's always empty! She would give you a bj for a cheeseburger.
by Stoned.S November 01, 2011

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