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1. Fonejacker is a 2007 comedy series for E4. The show revolves around prank calls carried out by Kayvan Novak, under a guise of one of several ridiculous characters, such as Mr. Doovdé, a man who pronounces abbreviations; Terry Tibbs, a used car salesman who conducts dodgy business over the phone; or George Agdgdgwngo, an African-based scamster. All calls featured in the show are real. The show began as a pilot for Channel 4 on their 'Comedy Lab' series.

2. Fonejacker (or The Fonejacker) is also the name of the prank caller, who is seen wearing a red bobble hat-come-balaclava, sunglasses, and large green coat. He is often pictured using a large early-model mobile phone, or atop a building (revealed to be Guy's Hospital, in London) using a USA payphone.
Fonejacker (as Terry Tibbs) - Wooden ladders - Talk to me!

Fonejacker (as George Agdgdgwngo) - Basically, we have discovered a pigeon inside the bank vault, sir.

Fonejacker (as Mr. Miggins) - LEICESTER SQUARE!
by artfulbadger September 01, 2007
One man who seizes control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. to divert it from reason and logic.
fonejacker: Are cats flammible?

Man: Er.....yes, very I think.

Fonejacker: Excellent.
by pompey777 September 07, 2007
a fonejacker seizes control of a telephone conversation to divert it from reason and logic
fonejacker is also a great new show on e4,thursdays at 10.30
by random cheese August 11, 2007
To seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. and divert it from reason and logic
Fonejacker: Hello madam I am from your bank and unfortunatly a pigeon has gone into your account

Victim: Erm, Ok

Fonejacker: Now we need your details in order to enter the bank and remove the pigeon before it spreads bird flu

Victim: Ok I dont want that.

Fonejacker: Of course not madam

Victim: Ok my account password is ______ and my answer to the secret question is ______
by Hariki July 21, 2007
the biggest pile of crap of a tv show ever, with the same puns over and over again, and it's kinda racist.
Oh god, fonejacker's on again, turn it off!!!
by chrisity September 01, 2008