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da place where all da bitchez come to learn da language of loooove.

we also study this dead guy named Bill Shakes. It's pretty awesome. All the bitchez are smart and nerdsy, and all of them are gorgeous.

at least 3 out of the sixteen will be extremely pretentious. and at least 50% of the total male population will be gay.

if youre not a hipster, youre a nerd. if youre not a nerd, youre a sloot.
Sloot: Hey, so you going to the Folger Shakespeare Library High School Fellowship Program today?

Hipster: yea, I decided to dress like Shakespeare to get in the mood.

Kid #1: ME TOO!


Nerd: ....I want to be Hamlet.

Entire class: LET'S ALL BE HAMLET

Sloot: naww i wanna be Ophelia. mmmmm Hamlet's meats.
by iheartshakespearesomuch December 11, 2010
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