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The foldy is preformed when a intoxicated gentleman can't acheive wood, even after oral stimulation. So naturely he folds his flaccid manhood and inserts it into the woman. Its half the length but twice the width and triple the fun.
Marty: Hey bra you were fucking wasted last, night did you fuck that slappa?

Ryan: Yeah bro, you know how I roll! I was so fucking messy I gave that bitch the foldy!!

(usally followed by high fives, and cheering)
by kingfoldy July 21, 2012
1 stick of normal chewing gum (EG: Wrigley's Juicy Fruit) folded over with drop gum (EG: Golden Gum Nuggets) in the middle.

The normal stick of gum is called a Straight.
The drop gum is sometimes called Nutrasweet (due to it's nutrasweet content)

Note: to do this the normal stick of gum has to be the same shape and size as Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum.
Guy 1: Hey i wanna make a foldy.
Guy 2: Ok here's the Straight.
Guy 1: You got any drop gum?
Guy 2: Sure the Nutrasweet is right over there.
Guy 1: Thanks man.
by gumchewa May 17, 2012
A girl who is a super amazing and really beautiful person(:
You're sucha foldy(;
Awweh!! Thaanx(:
by SairA-91 December 14, 2010
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