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A pimp, but instead of prostitutes, he/she goes for the asian fobs "fresh off boats"

The Fob Pimp is usually asian his/her self and may or may not look Fob His/her self.

Fob pimps usually have cousins 100 times heavier than the fob pimp.
Fob pimps favorite foods are of course asian foods especially instant noodles.

Fob pimps attract fobs with their asian style, and bboy dancing.
The Fob pimps worst enemy is anyone named Victor.
Fob Pimps musical selection of choice is anything K-pop.
The Fob Pimps favorite Fob is Holly because no matter how many Fobs Fob pimp collects. His/her favorite Fob is the Holly Fob.
Jennifer is such a fob pimp!
Snoop Fob
by FOBPIMPSMANAGER June 18, 2010

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