A hostel located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Famous for its student/backpacker friendly atmosphere and the ability to smoke joints in the lobby.

Everyone knows about these 2 places now, so they are a bit overpriced and nearly all booked. Too bad.
I smoked a spliff at the Flying Pig and passed out on the beanbag chair in the lobby.
by Lou Stenspayce December 17, 2003
Police or "police like" scrub that operates or is in the small plane/helicopter that is responsible for scoping out areas where marihuana is grown. Green Harvest.
Ho, da flying pigs raided my tutus plants. She need 'em fo eat cuz she get da chichi cancer.
by brownbabies February 02, 2010
A police officer who drives in excess of the speed limit allowing ordinary motorists to speed up and follow behind him without getting pulled over.
Dad: You made it home quickly, son.

Son: Yeah, I scored a spot behind a flying pig so I made it back in record time.
by 77bigs77 June 08, 2009
The act of sexual intercourse similar to "doggy style" when one individual is bent at the waste or on all fours (the catcher) and the other individual (the pitcher) is penetrating one of the catchers openings from behind. In order for the Flying Pig to take place the pitcher must reach over the top of the head of the catcher and pull upward on the nostrils as to give the catcher the appearance of a pig's snout, at which time the catcher will vigorously flail their arms in an attempt to thwart the nose grabbing only to make it appear as though they have begun to flap their wings; HENCE THE FLYING PIG.
Dude you're only in The Bronx for one night, give her the flying pig.
by Telephone Repairman November 07, 2007
waking up in the morning after a night on the piss you find a fat minger next to you naked.not knowing how to get rid of her,you proceed to lead her out to the balcony of your fifth floor appartment and bend her over the handrail.you take her from behind and tell her how much you love her and you would like her to bear your children(and pigs might fly).then,just after you have shot your load inside her,throw the fat bitch off!there you have it,a flyin pig!
tried it with a fat spanish bitch last summer.it worked wonders.foreign flying pig!
by fog the hog September 17, 2007
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