The act of having sex with a goose with its head in a dresser drawer, then when you climax, kicking the drawer shut with your feet, making the goose spasm uncontrollably as it dies.
DK-Prof...the original Flying Dutchman.
by Rifleman556 January 18, 2008
Ghost of a dead animated pirate on Spongebob Squarepants.

Ex Bishop Hendricken teacher Jelle Wiersma.
The Flying Dutchman scared the shit out of Patrick.

The Flying Dutchman is my physiology teacher.
by Joe Mama August 23, 2003
Its when you lube up someones asshole and then lube up your head and just take a running start and dive in.
I couldnt sit for weeks because of the flying dutchman ted gave me.
by Dominic22 March 04, 2006
a move, best performed at wild water kingdom, when on a double tube ride through the dark tunnel, riders jump off of the tube and hang on to the back of it, thus flying, as the flying dutchmen, a.k.a the superman.

bj and jr perform this the best, while "the natural" prefers to sit in his own feces, and then walk around the park

"the natural" also performs "the bridge" the best...
(boy) "mommy, i hurt my elbow"

(mom) "oh really, what did you do"

by B to the G July 09, 2006
this is where you get a running start and try to get ur balls to hit others in the back of the head they are either sitting down or walking its nearly impossable but ive done it
doug was eating his lunch when joe jumped on the back of his seat and hit him in the head with his balls
by joe brown pimp king April 28, 2005
A group of people on a PIRATE ship, who clean up after the pirates after shitting and having sex with countless better looking PIRATE females!
"Hey can u lick the rest of the shit off my asshole, i must have missed it wiping?" NO!!.. what do I look like a flying dutchmen to you?
by charles bonson@ February 10, 2010
it's where you drop a large hot steamy pile of shit onto her chest and then swam dive your ass cheeks onto her and smear it all over her, sexily!!
marsh was a fiend for the flying dutchman, so he asked brad to give it to him good!!
by johnny_blueballs April 09, 2005
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