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The Flying thrust is one of the most difficult sexual maneuvers of all time. Its recommended you use a wide girl and take very special care before attempting.

The basic principles behind the flying thrust are simple
Step 1: Nude it up!
Step 2: girl lies on bed with legs spread (slutty girls recommended for beginners)
Step 3: Check your run up along with wind speed and make adjustments accordingly
Step 4: Prepare for entry (get hard)
The Final Step: run and leap into the air towards the girl aiming to both land on her and penetrate on landing.


To attempt and fail the maneuver can result in a broken penis, you have been warned.

Completion of this maneuver will result in you making Legendary status for life

That is the Flying Thrust!
Guy 1: Hey man, whats up you seem to be walking a bit weird?
Guy 2: I think i broke my penis last night.
Guy 1: You attempted the flying thrust didn't you?
Guy 2: You know it! =D
by Shmickogaming February 14, 2011
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