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This is a judged event so 1 to 5 other people of many nationalities should be in the room while this is done. When you are ready to have sex, with both partners naked, the woman lays spread-out on the bed. The man jumps directly on top of the woman with his arms spread out like wings. The man lands on the woman, penetrating her deeply. He gives her "two humps" and in a fluid motion gets his legs under her so that she is on top. Holding her legs up, she spins on his erect penis, completing this move. The move is then judged on technique. If the woman moves at all during penetration, marks are deducted, if the man falls or misses during the jump, disqualification can occur.
Person 1: "Dude I won a Gold medal last night in sex!"
Person 2: "No way man, what did you do?"
Person 1: "I got two 9.5s, a 9 and an 8 from the Russian judge for pulling off the flying camel spin."
Person 2: "Go Canada Go!"
by Scruffy from Canada February 18, 2010
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