Being too cool to accoplish a task.
Nick's so flyish, he doesn't have a date to the prom.
Top Definition
1. (noun) Plural. A term created by combining the word "fly" and "ish" ("ish" is the word "shit" reversed) used to describe cool, sexy, and/or trendy things. The term Fly ish, or fly-ish, was derived from the use of the term "Fly shit" on recorded songs. To use this term on the radio, recording engineers had to reverse the word "shit" on dirty songs to make them clean and radio friendly.

2. The name of a premium street-wear company based in Baltimore, Maryland (Fly-ish® Brand Apparel -
"Boy, I'm on that fly ish..", Drake - Money to Blow (clean)
"And I sport the fly ish, I should win the ESPY...", Jay-Z, Party Life (clean)
"Rock the fly ish like everyday..", Common - Universal Mind Control (clean)
by D-STUBBS March 23, 2011
The Act Of Being Fly
Nino Made A Song Called "Fly-Ish"

by October 12, 2010
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