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The required type of capacitor for time travel. Widely known for its use in 1981 DMC-12s. This type of capacitor requires 1.21 gigawatts and a velocity of 88 mph in order to obtain the necessary conditions for time travel.
We out-fitted the vehicle with this big pole and hook which
runs directly into the flux-capacitor. At the calculated moment, you start off from down the street driving toward the cable execrating to eighty-eight miles per hour. According to the flyer, at 10:04 pm lightning will strike the clock tower sending one point twenty-one gigawatts into the flux-capacitor, sending you back to 1985.
by The Flaming Snake April 13, 2011
A state of indecision or uncertainty
Nancy's soul is in flux, because she is becoming a vegetarian.
by Quintas May 07, 2009
Refers to the amount and rate at which a liquid (or gas) enters or leaves a surface. Mostly used in engineering courses, but it is also seen in vector calculus.
Find the flux of the vector function F(x,y,z)=xyi+y^2*arctan(y*z)j-exp(2*x*z) over the unit sphere z=p^2.
by N/A April 19, 2004
the action or process of flowing or flowing out
the flux of men and women moving back and forth
by FluxIV October 05, 2013
a point in time which is NOT fixed and can be changed without rewriting history.
The Doctor couldn't save they people of Pompeii because the volcano was a fixed point in time - not in flux.
by idkmanlol June 22, 2013
A magical attack with little background. May be similar to a Convulsion or Spasm.
They sent a Detonation and an Inferno at him; I threw in a Flux for variety.
by BartimaeusDefs October 28, 2009
A substitute for the swear 'fuck' used by a few science-fiction nerds in Canada and the United States.
I missed my bus, oh flux!
by Distrust February 06, 2003