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Flutta...Originating from the word flutter

This word was derived from the original name for Butterfly...which once was "Flutterby".

Flutterbee is used to describe a girl or woman who on 1st looks, appears to be beautiful, caring and innocent, however once her true personality is revealed, she becomes an evil, maniacal and bitchy character.

the second part of her personality is described by "bee"...as a bee stings...

this word provides the binary opposition of both personality types.
"Oi u see dat gyal blud...wen i 1st met her ye she woz bareee nice 2 me like propa safe n everyfing init, but now shes such a BITCHHHH, she switches at everyfin man"


"Ye shes such a Fluttabee man"
by Bludfyah April 19, 2008
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