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A small furry creature, with floppy ears and a small nose. Very fluffy and moves much like a Jim Henson muppet would. The Fluppet is a soppy animal with no predators.
David Attenborough: "Here, in the deepest, darkest jungles of Fluptonia, we see a family of three Fluppets, snuggled together in their nest, waiting for warmer weather."
by RinseConcord August 25, 2011
1) A shortened version of the insult "fucking muppet" for those victims not worth the time for both words, Or the lazy like myself.
2) An overcooked cheesey microwave snack
Ger: "Oh man do you wanna come to a rap battle?"
Myself: "Oh, im sorry. You seem to of mistaken me for a fluppet..."
by HabitWabbit November 04, 2006
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