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little plastic things at the end of shoelaces.
"Hey Anthony, do you know what Flugalbinders are?"
"No, what are they walter?"
"They're the little plastic things at the end of shoelaces. OWNED"
by Zudane May 02, 2006
A long, thin and straight object, used for poking the ends of a spliff before inserting a roach in one end or lighting the other.
Probably the best flugalbinder is a metal fire extinguisher pin, a common alternative is the removable flint and wheel of a clipper lighter.
'after I rolled the joint, the roach wouldn't go in. Taking the flugalbinder from my keyring, I gently separated the creased paper back into a tube shape, gave the other end a quick poke down so no gear fell out. I then re-rolled and carefully stuck the roach back in the end.'
by shoviteer April 27, 2007
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