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Fluffy Ruffian:

Someone who acts hard and presents an aggressive personality, but is in actuality just a big misunderstood softy who doesn't know how or has never had a real opportunity to show their kind side. Often has a reputation for bad behavior that doesn't actually have any proof to back it up.


Someone who is/was a nice person but due to social pressure and/or living in a rough area has adopted the personality of a twat just to survive.


(Rare) A homosexual burglar/thief/conman/criminal.
Compiled example.

A: Shit! Gavin ticked me on 3 kilos and I've spent the money to pay him back! He's gonna hurt me bad!

B: That won't happen.

A: Why?

B: He's a Fluffian..

A: A what?

B: He acts hard so people don't rip him off, it's all a front, he won't beat you.

A: Phew, that's a relief!

B: He might bumlove you and make you felch him though...... He's REALLY gay you know, he just keeps it secret.


B: You're gonna have a ringpiece like a broken bagel when he's done with you, Ha!

B: Meep!
by Azimekh July 20, 2008
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