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It is basically 'fuck/flucking/flucker' But it is the "clean" word. If you scream it out in class you can't get into trouble! At least not yet!
by MissBiancaPayne February 25, 2013
3 3
1.(n) a lucky fuck.
2. (v) the act of recieving a lucky fuck.
3. flucker (adj) a hot woman/ hot man who flucks ugly people.
1. - hot drunk girl: wanna fuck?
ugly guy: fluck yes *nose starts to bleed*
2. - ugly guy: this hot girl came up to me last night and said "do you wanna fluck coz i know you dont get a lot" so i said yes and we flucked the night away.
3. - Gem: omg Lana is such a slut! she roots anything that moves! even if they're fugly.
Layla: I know right, saucy little flucker.
by ooh lala May 31, 2008
89 41
A substitute for fuck, similar to fruck. You can sometimes get away with it, but sometimes people will say you said fuck anyway, even if you didn't.
1. Say "oh for fluck's sake" in an Irish accent and TRY and say that's not funny. I DARE you!
by JB_Finesse December 03, 2005
82 54
The fine line between flirting and fuck-buddies; not in a serious realtionship, however making out is acceptable. Anywhere between first and second base; Different from friends with benefits because they couple involved may or may not act like friends in public; to fluck, flucking, fluckers;
"So I heard Haley and Devin were fucking each other, are they friends with benefits or what?"

"Nah, they're just fluck-buddies"
by coolpeople123 June 20, 2009
33 22
A synonym for bitch or pussy. A term commonly used around the metro area of Indiana to refer to someone as a bitch-nigga or fuck-nigga. Or to refer to their behavior as bitch-like.
Doobie is acting fluck today.

He is a fluck-ass nigga.
by jalapeno7610 November 03, 2013
7 1
A combination of the word "flying" and "fuck."
"Do you care about him?"
"I don't give a fluck about him"

"Did anyone study for the test?"
"I don't think anyone gave a fluck"

"She talked shit about you last night"
"I don't give a fluck"
by sommerkids December 21, 2013
1 0
A kinky act of clucking while fucking.
Bob: Dude! Did you just see Ashley? I totally would fluck her right now.
Joe: Thats some kinky shit man.
by Broannosaurus Rex November 08, 2011
12 11