fanny lube, or the clear liquid that is made by an aroused poon (fanny in the uk means pussy)
i rubbed her nubbin and flube came out
by flexaction August 01, 2006
Top Definition
The lube and other matter mixture that is expelled from the anus after anal sex with lubricant into the underwear you just put on.
Last night, after my pimp drilled my hole, I flubed all over my boxers.
by addisonfl July 03, 2006
"fluro pubes"
one who has red hair and therefore has orange pubic hair
hey do you reckon that ranga has flubes?
by Tom AndersonLD April 12, 2009
When you reach "flube" you will reach liberty.
See johnny it all happened when FLUBE came around at set out souls free.
by heavy-d March 09, 2003
When you mess something up but put it together like a boss
girl: i just broke my glasses!
Boy: oh no your mom is going to be pissed
Girl: no worries i will flube it!
via giphy
by Freevogue May 17, 2016
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