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Pertaining to Pink Floyd.
The music had Floydian influences.
by commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
Defined as an individual who praises Pink Floyd. They are worthy of Roger Waters's gift to Rock.
"Wow, andrew listens to Pink Floyd Non stop! He knows all of their trivia! Now thats a Floydian," Said Dave
by Dave the Great August 06, 2004

strange, bizarre, and/or thought provoking.
taken from the divine classic rock band Pink Floyd, whose lyrics, cover art, and music styles were all of the above.
usually used as a more intense version of strange.
Person #1: That's strange.
Person #2: Its so strange, its floydian.
by austinboston August 28, 2008
two people who are amazing and love pink floyd so much that they love eachother.

less than three.
those are definently floydians at the concert.
by pf_Kitty December 20, 2009
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