The act of getting your teeth flossed while simultaneously getting a blow job.
My dentist was so impressed with my last check up. When asked what I had been doing differently, I explained to him that my girlfriend and her sister were generously giving me flow jobs on a daily basis....goodbye gingivitis!!!!!!
by Cootsie May 25, 2007
What your girlfriend should offer you during that time of the month if she's not up to having sex.
"I took Melanie out to dinner last night but it turned out she was riding the crimson tide. Oh well, at least I got a flow job out of it."
by Sulldiddy May 17, 2006
A violent rubbing of the hair. Much like a noogy but given on the back of the head by a palm
Lane odom was violently flowed as he screamed like a girl. Lane recieved two hundred flowjobs which made him sweaty
by Majorpenisman346 November 02, 2009
the act of whistling on someones anus
in a heated moment of sexual passion, while my girlfriend was bent over in front of me, I whistled on her anus and gave her a flow job
by shasher October 20, 2009
kind of like a blowjob, but the repient's penis is replaced by his big toe (either left or right).
Do you remember freshman year when Justin got a double flowjob from Christy AND Mam? That was crazy.
by Ethan Baer March 22, 2008
Facefucking a girl while she is going to the bathroom.
She was giving me a flowjob while she was on the toilet.
by The Donna-man May 08, 2016
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