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The delivery and word-choice of a particular rapper.
Snoop D-O-G-G, for example uses the "IZZLE" technique. It is in his FLOWCABULARY.
by Byler Tufkin January 28, 2010
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When a Lacrosse player with immense flow uses a word that only laxers use, it is called using your Flowcabulary.
Brandon: So, what did you do yesturday?
Jake: Got a flow chop after my Owings Mills JV Lacrosse practice.
Brandon: Oh, thats cool, but that guy is lookin at me, I'm about to manalyze him.
T-freezy: Good use of flowcabulary
Brandon: Where the fuck did you come from?
by FlocabularyMaster93 April 21, 2009
What someone who is freestlying and comes up with insane ryhme after insane rhyme has
MC NubbyZ- "Set the new status for G, least thats what I'm told. Kinda like King Midas, all my flows are gold."

Billy- "Dude, how does he do it?"

William- "He's got a extensive flowcabulary"
by Billy "Nubz" Weidrick January 07, 2009

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