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A beautiful talented girl who deserves the most up best respect ever. She has many friends, but tells all her secrets to one special best friend. Florijana has one of the most beautiful smiles and personalities no one can take from her. Her family is expected to expand in a 2 to 3 siibling family. With such a unique name as Florijana. She is bound to be loved. She has a special connection with her "bestie", and both stay side by side with insiders that no one can understand. Florijana is also bound to have a hatred for giraffes. Whether a nickname or the animal she always has a way to insult it comically. Lets just say you would be lucky to have a Florijana in your life.
Person #1: Omg Shes gorgeous in every way possible
Person #2: Hell Yea. She must be a Florijana.
by PrincessSkittles July 10, 2012
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