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Breed related to girls and to the flower business. From a faraway land called camacha, it is said to have been mentioned for the first time in the Tolkien mythology. Also normally known to be in a continuous laughter status, to mumble small sentences at a time and to enjoy singing like a nun to the sound of music. Comes in a wide variety of colors, mainly light red or pink.Usually antagonic and/or passive agressive to the breed of Schweepee, tends to be dominated and put in a state of blind fury and/or rage, one every full moon, by his witty rethoric skills and sarcastics remarks. To handle such dangerous breed, suggest the calling of a Schweepee.
Florigirl: "la,la,la, loooolllllooll, you're such a child schweepe....."
Schweepee: "I'm the greatest man that this world has ever seen"
by Do_Ryu_Sen August 23, 2007
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