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Flopowski (n.) - (flah-p-ow-skee) - An individual who decided last minute to revoke their attendance to an event of some importance.
(v.) - The act of revoking one's attendance in similar fashion
Origins - Originally derived from the English "flop", the word was recently given a new suffix thanks to the pioneering flops of a one Kaitlynn.
"Don't pull a Kaitlynn and flopowski, cause I really wanna play lol"

Jen: "So you're coming this weekend right?"
K.: "well, i was supposed too...but, I don't think I'm going to go"
Jen: "Why?"
K.: "Well, it's not that I don't want its 3-4 hrs of traveling on my part plus, I want to save my money."
-In the above instance it would not be considered a flopowski had this actually been the reason said person was not coming, it turns out she just wanted to hang out with some rando instead of her "best friends" after she RSVP'd helped plan and preached about her uber excitement for the weekend away.
by Zinkk July 14, 2008
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