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To stand with a group of males and compare length
This will not be decided tonight unless we have a flop off
by Bigdave1983 May 23, 2008
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Its a term often used when a group of people (Mostly males) pull out their penis's and compare them to one another to see who's got the biggest.
Old lady: "Hey why are these boys pulling out their penis's in front of each other??"

Paul: "Ohh nah dont worry mate, they r probably having a 'Flopoff'."
by Italian Powerhouse April 07, 2008
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A game used to determine anything the involves, The flipping of pancakes consecutively as many times as you can, the first person to let it flop on the ground loses. The pancakes are then compared and bonus points are give for depending on the size of the pancake. (larger = more points)
1. Dammit He beat me in the Flop off he must be better than me

2. The flop off was over shortly his pancake was much to small to count

3. He's going to win the flop off look at the size of his pancake
by 1HappyCamp-R March 10, 2013
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