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A tensed situation in which confusion induces disorientation.
Guy #1: Dude, why are you shaking and sweating profusely?

Guy #2: This whole situation is making me floopsy man!
by sammoyd October 14, 2013
A word Joey and I use all the time. It can mean watever the fuck you want it to, but i think they are the things that packman eats and the sound the beep test makes
ME:Hey Joey you got dem floopsies fool?
JOEY: Hell yeah you floopsy floopster.
ME: Fo sheezy
Joey: Aha
ME: Fo Floopsy
Joey: Thats right
level six eleven
level seven one
by Billsy May 20, 2008
relating to a girl who has many slutty characteristics the mixture of fake, loose and falulty.
damn foo your bitch is hella floopsy
by sector28 April 06, 2008
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