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a) Used in exclamation after witnessing something exciting, cool, or interesting .
b) Used to purposely embarrass oneself.
c) Because of it's first letter, you can smoothly change the f-word into Floogenhooser under circumstances where the f-word would be less than appropriate.
a) You see something blow up on TV - "FLOOGENHOOSER! That was cool!"
b) You run in front of the screen at a movie theater while yelling "FLOOGENHOOSER, FLOOGENHOOSER!"
c) You stub your toe while at your grandma's house - "Fu....loogenhooser!"
by Wagg February 21, 2005
to chop off a grown mans big toe
holly floogenhoosered that old dude
by hollyann February 22, 2005
An all around great word. Just say it. Go ahead. You can do it. GOOD BOY! have a cookie!
-FLOOGENHOOSERS!!! i shall defeat you all!
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005

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