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A man that sniffs a womans warm bicycle seat.
On the hottest of days, Floofers will be on the prowl.
by Vektor December 08, 2003
A man that fluffs his chest hair out the top of his shirt. A Floofer
Burt Reynolds in Smokey in the Bandit.

Kevin Floofed his chest hair proudly before leaving his house. He was a true Floofer.
by Bella December 05, 2003
a fart which slips out making a noise like f-f-f-f-f-f-t
Was that a floofer or did something else cause the odor?
by 39zeke39 November 29, 2009
A woman who likes to ram marshmallows into intimate orifices about her body.
Margaret is a floofer, because she inserts marshmallows into her ears. Some floofers are far worse.
by Pinnell February 20, 2009
A half-drunk, completely obnoxious, annoying chic.
According to Matt, floofers are girls like Kim and Kris anytime they begin consuming too much alcohol
by Kris August 11, 2004
a feminine male; gay homosexual; a real fruitcake; a fag
"Wow dude that kid is THE biggest floofer!"
by Bobby and Chris February 27, 2005