short for flower mound, yo. suburb of dallas filled with bunches of white, upper-middle class douche bags. the only good thing about it is that it's home to one davey douchez, and she's a definite hottie.
Drive west of the LW in your souped up honda civic, blasting the 50 cent and you'll reach the flo mo.
by Stamey March 08, 2004
Top Definition
The term flomo is used to describe a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans. They are the worst of the bunch of nut huggers to ever exists. They are so passionate about Floyd Mayweather Jr., that they will defend him like a mother defends her own child.
Pretty Boy32 is such a flomo, any time some one says anything about Floyd Mayweather Jr., he goes insane and begins attacking and flaming people on the forum, he is such a ragging FLOMO!
by Anti Flomo October 12, 2009
Short for Flower Mound, an affluent upper-middle class suburb north west of Dallas, Tx. Now has it's own "music video" on MySpace.
"we've got nothing to do, We're stuck in Flo Mo and we can't move" -'Flo Mo' Video on Myspace
by Mustang Matt September 03, 2007
It is a mix between a flamer and a homo
my friend matt repo is a flomo because he likes a guy dog named kaitlyn
by sh8kenb8ke23 July 10, 2008
A flomo is a flaming homosexual. They are outwardly gay and can be spotted from a mile away.
That guy has to be a flomo in the pink t-shirt
by blomo41 December 30, 2009
A person that defends Floyd Mayweather Jr.
If you have to explain why Floyd Mayweather Jr. won, you're a flomo.
by CommentInsult May 10, 2015
A kid who thinks he's a lax bro with flow but really isn't. Deriving from the words flow and homo.
Check out Tim he's such a flomo
by LAXBRO4LIFE May 14, 2011
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