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A type of homosexual that is easily detected by a person with little to moderate "gay-dar". The male form is typically extroverted and has an obsession with fashion. The female form it typically stoic and has an obsession with physical prominence.
Carson Kressley is such a flaming homosexual even George Bush could tell he is gay.
by Steve Tester May 29, 2006
Any of the Jonas Brothers Any member of the band the Jonas Brothers. You can always tell a Jonas Brother by their rings and their air of douche baggery.
The Jonas Brothers are Flaming Homosexuals.
by Monkeytronchris December 26, 2009
1. Someone who is so gay that even gay people say he is too gay for them.
2. known to wear extremely unnecessary short-shorts
3. proudly admits his penis size is less then four inches
4. represents a college that he does not go to.
Four inch: Oregon is goin' to the Natty. Nuff' said.

Person A: But dude. You going to San Diego. Who gives a shit? Stop being flaming homosexual

Person A: Has he ever choked on you?
Four inch: Nah, it has to be five inches for that to happen.
Person A: goddamnit you flaming homosexual
by AmericanJesus December 04, 2010
quite different from a regular homosexual, a "flamer" tends to be more aggressive and up front about his homosexuality
Man! J.D. is SO gay, he's a flaming homosexual
by bob the builder January 09, 2003
A word used to describe a particular loud, Serbian boy that thinks he's the shit, when he's not. He cuts himself, eats cats, writes poetry about walking along the beach in foreign languages so other people won't understand, and likes sexing boys in his spare time. Keep this crazy mother away from your cat.
Richard: So, are we on for tonight again, Duke?
Duke: Of course we are, Bitchard. You bring the lube, I'll bring the cat for dessert.
Richard: Definitely. Oh Duke, you're my flaming homosexual!
by trisshhhh May 11, 2006
quite different from a normal homosexual, they tend to be more aggressive, or in lamens terms it would be the "Butch" and not the "Bitch"
J.D. is a flaming homosexual
by bob the builder January 04, 2003
a funny phrase or someone thats lame. Makes Ian wanna choke a baby!=]
My neighbors next door are flaming homosexuals.
by Taylor & Tory August 09, 2006
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