Slang term for masturbation #479,306.
"What are you doing in there? Are you flogging Molly again?!"
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
The act of flogging a person, named Molly.
Hey, let's start flogging molly!
by Zero R. May 07, 2006
basically when sppoge on an irish chick.
tonight im gonna be flogging molly.
by taylor April 18, 2005
Beating off, pounding the pud, firing off some knuckle children, rubbing one out, launching a solo album, rubbing Don Rickles' head for good luck, having a menage a un, tasering the gnome.
Back in high school I was really into flogging molly. What, that's the name of a band too?
by Sam is a Dick May 18, 2007
A god awful band enjoyed primarily by Irish wannabee PWTs who live in New York.
The Lyrics: Fucking Molly. Lets fuck her in her tight pink bum.
by OyspinsterOy April 19, 2005

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