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(Term created in South side Chicago) A flirt bitch is someone who is on the other end of someone that constantly flirts with them. A flirt-bitch usually enjoys the flirting. The person who flirts may or may not have any actual intension of pursuing the other person.
"Oh my gosh Annie you and Derrick are so cute! Are you guys going out?"
"Why not? He really seems to like you. He's always flirting with you."
"That's because I'm just his flirt-bitch."
by Emma.D February 15, 2012
Term created in southside Chicago. A flirt bitch is constantly flirted with by the same person, the person flirting with them may or may not have intentions to date them, but simply flirts with them for the sake of flirting.
Amanda: Ever since Josephine left, Robert won't start flirting with me!

Meili: Oh girl, Robert is one sexy motherfucker are you guys gonna date?
Amanda: Nahh, I don't think so. I'm just his flirt bitch.
by Wilma.E February 15, 2012